Kelly is passionate about the creative community.

“Creativity is a muscle. Every person has the capability to create—it’s just a matter of what you decide to invest your time in. Every perspective is refreshing—having the vulnerability to share your process with the community is part of the process and supporting & learning from your peers, no matter how far ahead or behind them you are, is how you grow.”

Driven by a desire for social good, Kelly has worked for and with
like-minded organizations and clients, utilizing story to bridge the gap between brand and audience with visual fluency and cultural relevancy.

“Create things that better humanity. Ingenuity untempered by morality can be dangerous.
No matter what line of work you're in, you should be uplifting communities, period.”

Whether work or play, Kelly is consistently documenting life in multiple mediums.

“Constant creative stimulation is important. All forms have interplay and influence your overall process, style, and intention in your work. As a Bay Area native, it’s been interesting, to say the least, to have grown up at the forefront of creative innovation.

My love for learning has not only exposed me to multiple disciplines that cohesively inform my perspective and work, but also enabled my growth as an upgradable creative: always willing to leap into new territories, positively pivot without fear, and do/be better.”


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Let’s use creative to fill the gap. Let’s create something awesome.

Reaching out as a fellow creative wanting to connect or just want to say hey? Drop me a line at kellyluu96@gmail.com or catch me on my socials (Instagram | Twitter).